You will find answers to the most important and most frequently asked questions about your visit and booking in our FAQs. Unable to find an answer to your question? Then just send us an email. We will be happy to help.

I am a private individual, and am interested in having a tour. Is this possible?2016-07-28T09:33:43+01:00

Anyone who wants to is welcome to go on a guided tour of the Open Factory.

Why is the Open Factory project only offered for the Mountech factory in Ho Chi Minh City?2016-07-28T09:34:52+01:00

After Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City is considered as the arrival and departure airport for international tourists. The second Tatonka factory is located in the Binh Dinh Province, which is far from the tourist centres and very difficult to visit. Furthermore, the tours of the Open Factory are given in English. Many of the staff in Ho Chi Minh City speak good, clear English.

Why is it only possible to visit the Open Factory on Fridays?2016-07-28T09:35:40+01:00

We kept to the most common holiday period of Saturday to Saturday. As many of the people who go on the tour combine their visit to the Open Factory with a holiday in Vietnam, Friday is the most convenient day. It enables travellers to visit the Tatonka production site on the day before they return home again.

Is it possible, in exceptional cases, to visit the production site on a different day of the week?2016-07-29T10:15:12+01:00

Because the tours are given by active members of staff, and in order to have the minimum impact on daily working life, visits are only possible on Fridays between 10 a.m. and 11.30 a.m. We do offer larger groups the option of visiting the Open Factory on a different day of the week. You can express the desire to do so in the field for other questions or comments when you book. A member of staff at Mountech Co. Ltd. will then contact you.

Is it possible to visit the production facility at a different time?2016-07-29T10:15:40+01:00

We offer larger groups the option of visiting the Open Factory at a different time. You can state the desire to do so in the field for other questions or comments when you book. A member of staff at Mountech Co. Ltd. will then contact you.

Whom do I need to contact if I am unable to visit on the agreed date or need to cancel at the last minute?2016-07-28T09:37:57+01:00

Please contact Mountech Co. Ltd. in Ho Chi Minh City directly using the contact details provided. If you have to cancel at the last minute, please telephone Mountech Co. Ltd. in Ho Chi Minh City.

Is there a transportation / shuttle service to and from the factory?2016-07-28T09:38:41+01:00

Travel to and from the Open Factory must be arranged independently. Mountech Co. Ltd. does not provide any transportation.

Why do I need to book a tour in advance?2016-07-28T09:39:12+01:00

In order for our local staff to be able to prepare for you visit, you must first book a tour on a specific date. We need your details so we can contact you and to agree the date. If a chosen date is not possible for operational reasons (e.g. public holiday), we will suggest an alternative date.

What happens to my details when I have booked?2016-11-04T11:04:20+01:00

The protection of your personal details is of the utmost importance to TATONKA GmbH. The data you provide will only be used to allow us to contact you and to coordinate your visit. You will find our data privacy statement here.

Is my booking binding for a visit?2016-07-29T10:16:34+01:00

No. It is only intended to provide us with information. It means our staff will be able to prepare for your visit and, in the event of it having to be cancelled (e.g. in the event of a public holiday), means we can contact you. If you are unable to tour the Open Factory as planned, please inform us of this as soon as possible. You will find the Mountech Co. Ltd contact details here.

I would like to have a guided tour with a group. Does every member of the group have to book separately, or is there a group booking?2016-11-04T11:04:20+01:00

It is enough if one person in the group makes a booking. You can enter the number of people in the group during the booking process.

Is it essential to provide the number of people in the booking?2016-07-28T09:41:07+01:00

No, the number of people provided in the booking is not binding. However, in order to make our planning as efficient as possible, it would help if you made sure the number was as precise as possible.

How long does the tour take?2016-07-28T09:41:34+01:00

A tour lasts about 45 minutes, depending on the number of questions you or the other members in your group may have.

In what language is the tour of the Open Factory given?2016-07-28T09:42:12+01:00

Tours are only given in English or Vietnamese. We regret we are not able to give tours in German.

What departments are visited during the tour?2016-07-28T09:42:40+01:00

The tour takes visitors through all of the departments in the production facilities of Mountech Co. Ltd. (not including the work sequences completed by external service providers).

What is the maximum number of people you will take on a tour?2016-07-28T09:43:00+01:00

There is no limit to the number of people in a tour, but please be sure to inform us if your group consists of more than ten people. This will enable us to organise appropriately and to provide you with a second guide. Please ensure that when you inform us of the number of people in your group, it is as precise as possible.

Is photography permitted during the tour?2016-11-04T11:04:19+01:00

As a family company, we must and do respect the personal privacy of our employees. Please respect that it is therefore not permitted to take photographs. After the tour you may receive, if you like and free of charge, our pre-prepared CD with photos of the main stages in production. In some cases at the start of the tour, a Mountech Co. Ltd. photographer may take photos of you and your group.