Terms & Conditions of Participation

Visitor information

Be our guest!
You are most welcome to join our factory viewings of Tatonka’s production site in Vietnam. We do not require a specific advanced booking, however please confirm the month you are planning to visit (purpose administration). Tours are taking place every Friday from 10am. After your registration please choose a specific Friday and simply come along. In order for us to know whom to expect, please print your visitor pass and bring it to your visit. The tour takes place during production hours – in order not to disturb production and for your own safety please follow the tour guide’s instructions and treat the facilities with respect.

Taking photos during the tour is not permitted. We apologise for any inconvenience and hope for your understanding that we have to protect the privacy of our Vietnamese employees. Following the tour you are provided with a photo CD, demonstrating the most important production stages.

We reserve the right to cancel dates in business related matters, even at short-notice in some exceptional cases. Please note that we are interested in finding an alternative date for your visit.