Production in figures

We would like to illustrate the extent of our production facilities by a few figures and comparisons: At our two production facilities in Ho Chi Minh City and in Binh Dinh Province, 704 employees work some 2260 hours a year at around 1030 machines to produce over 1,156,180 Tatonka products a year. Since it opened in 2011, more than 400 people have visited the OPEN FACTORY in the city on the west bank of the Saigon River.

(At: July 2016)


Mountech in Ho Chi Minh City

403 machines in total
129 for clothing
256 for backpacks, tents, reserves
18 in samples production

Mountech in Binh Dinh

626 machines in total
242 for clothing
384 for backpacks, accessories, reserves
49 machines for stainless steel production

A year in review

Consumption of material in the past twelve months:

  • 6 274 462 meters of fabric
  • 17 890 meters of Tarpaulin material for the TATONKA Barrels
  • 91 tons of webbing
  • 7 miles of aluminium rods
  • 8 647 560 buckles

(At: March 2017)

The past 28 years

The first production facility in Ho Chi Minh City was opened in 1989. Extrapolated to the past 28 years, you get the following figures:

  • fabric: ca 11 462 square miles or about 1708 soccer fields
  • Tarpaulin material for the TATONKA barrels: 0,3 square miles or 45 soccer fields
  • webbing: 2038 tons or about 74 506 miles
  • aluminium rods: ca 150 miles or the route from Munich to Stuttgart
  • buckles: 169 492 176 pieces or two of them for every German citizen
  • yarn: about 28 times the route between the earth and the moon