Internal Regulations

Working hours

Working hours are regulated from 7:30 to 16:30 from Monday to Saturday (6-day-week)


There are morning-, lunch- and afternoon- breaks at Mountech. The morning and afternoon breaks are 15 mins each, lunch 60 mins.


Employees are entitled to 14 days of holiday at Mountech. There are many public holidays in Vietnam. Additionally there is a governmental regulation that if a public holiday falls on a Sunday, it has to be reimbursed for a free working day at a later stage. The main holiday counts for the full company, the date is regulated by the executive management and the Trade Union.

Wage plan

Wage brackets based on qualifications and company affiliation plus bonus structure. The bonus structure is divided in attendance, quality improvements, A+ higher than teamwork A/B/C.

Overtime regulations

Mountech regulates all long-term overtime in accordance with the Trade Union and either remunerates financially or providing time off at a later stage. In any case, employees overtime is paid 1.5 times a normal day rate, 2 times on Sundays and 3 times on public holidays.

Lunch / dinner

All employees receive a lunch at the in-house canteen, free of charge. In collaboration with the Trade Union, we decide and publish the menu. In case of more than 2 hours overtime, there is an additional dinner waiting.

Sick pay in the event of illness

All employees in Mountech are legally insured through a state health insurance. In the event of illness, the state health insurance company pays 75% of the wages to all of our employees. The maximum duration of continued sick pay is generally regulated as follows:

  • up to 15 years of work: max. 30 days
  • from 15 to 30 working years: max. 40 days
  • more than 30 working years: max. 60 days

In some professions, such as in our production, the maximum continued payment of wages is even longer:

  • up to 15 years of work: max. 40 days
  • from 15 to 30 working years: max. 50 days
  • more than 30 working years: max. 70 days

After this period, the employees can stay at home for a further 7 days to recover – however, the state health insurance then only pays 30% of the wages for this period. In addition, the state health insurance company also pays 75% of the wages for mothers or fathers who care for their own sick child at home:

  • for children up to 3 years: max. 20 days
  • for children from 3 to 7 years: max. 15 days

Social Insurance

(pension-, health- and unemployment insurance)

Vietnam has a dual social insurance system (government and business). The social insurance is legally set out in the social insurance law. This law is regularly updated. For example, since 01.01.2010 money saved for corporate pensions are only paid-out once the retirement age has been reached, not as previously, when the employer changed the company or stopped working entirely.

Child labour

Child labour (under 15 years old) is banned by Vietnamese law (article 6 labour law).


(youth employment protection)
In Vietnam there are special protection laws for young trainees aged 15 up to 18 years (nature of employment etc…) and special regulations (daily work hours, breaks etc…)

Maternity protection

Similar to Germany, expecting mothers are also covered by the protection law in Vietnam. Mountech introduced a special production line, employing all expecting mothers from their 7th month. The production line benefits from shortened work hours (1 hour a day less). There is no piecework; and we can cater for special needs and problems during pregnancy. One year after giving birth, there is a special regulation regarding working hours. Should for example a mother need to tend to a sick child at home, she gets her wage paid by a special insurance. During maternity protection, the laws of job security and dismissal protection fully apply.

Nurse / Orderly

The employment of a nurse or orderly is officially regulated depending on the number of employees. The nurses care for smaller wounds, temporary dizziness and weakness but also function as ‘First Aiders’ in case of serious accidents at work.

Health checks

We are committed by law to do health checks for our employees, before new employment and at regular dates after. We therefore ensure all our employees to be healthy and they are protected from physical injury at work. Preventing work accidents is our main goal, for example an employee with a weak eyesight, could receive an injury by machines.

Water supply

As there is no central water supply in Saigon or Anh Nhon, well drillings are needed to ensure water supply. At least once a year we check the quality of the water and further prepare the water in filter systems in Mountech and Lotus.

Cleanliness / Hygiene

Cleanliness and hygiene are one of the most important factors for Mountech and Lotus. Therefore, we carry out daily cleanings of toilets, kitchen, canteen, corridors, offices and open space areas at the production site.

By law there are modulated hygiene regulations for kitchen and toilets. All three months there are independent governmental checks. Further, we believe in the understanding that cleanliness at your workplace directly correlates to the quality and cleanliness of our manufactured products.

Occupational safety

(Electrics, Mechanics, Tools, Protection goggles, Guard protectors)
In accordance with the Trade Union we identify work protection measures and ensure these are in place in order to avoid accidents at work.

Fire protection

All emergency exits and fire protection facilities at Mountech and Lotus are signposted and quality assured by the local fire brigade. All fire protection facilities are checked and tested every three months.

Further Training / Education

Training and further education are an important element of the wage plan. Therefore, we offer regular training and educational courses with subsequent tests to ensure our employees a higher wage bracket and on the other hand, we improve our quality and flexibility of production within the company.

We offer and stage courses such as computer literacy, English language courses and courses specialising in manufacturing-, sewing-, cutting and engine- technology, occupational safety as well as planning and management courses.

Governmental laws in Vietnam

Regulates the rights and responsibilities between employees, Trade Unions and employers.
Regulates the rights and responsibilities between employees, Trade Unions and employers.
Regulates the installation, handling and operation of electrical plants and protection from electrical accidents and damage.
Regulates the protection of persons, animals, buildings as well as protecting private and public facilities from fire.
Regulates the protection and rights between employee and employer.
Regulates all rights and responsibilities between employee, employer and social insurance.


In Vietnam, Trade Unions for employee safety and rights are regulated by the law (Labour Code article 12).

Employee participation is regulated by Trade Union laws:

  • Currently 93% of Mountech employees are members of the Trade Union.
  • Every 2 years there are organised member meetings.
  • These member meetings aim to vote for their committee, existing of 13-15 members.
  • The committee is then voting for the board of directors and the second board.
  • The most important responsibilities of the board of directors are: Target definition for the next two years, the board of directors also develops and signs the co-operative agreement for Mountech.

The law regarding financing Trade Unions has been changed in 2009. Every month 1% of employee wages get paid into a fund for the corporate Trade Union. 30% of this fund is cleared to pay the wages of exempt employees, 70% are cleared for culture, music and sport activities as well as supporting employees in difficult financial situations.