Project Description

Trust and Responsibility in Vietnam

In the production plant Mountech Co. Ltd in Vietnam TATONKA allows you a look behind the scenes: Interested visitors can see for themselves the conditions under which the tents, rucksacks and other outdoor equipment are produced. At the beginning of July the production plant was awarded the internationally recognized SA 8000 certification.

It is no secret that TATONKA places great value on long term, responsible dealings with its employees; since March of this year, outdoor enthusiasts can now see for themselves the high social standards and quality requirements with which their outdoor equipment are produced: TATONKA is offering guided tours of its production plant. Anyone can take part in one of the tours simply by booking a visit here.

Open Factory: A look behind the scenes
Visitors to Mountech are given an overview of the history of the production plant and the social standards of production. They are taken though the various departments and can see at source how the different work stages are carried out before a TATONKA product is finished and ready for sale. Afterwards, all impressions can be recorded by the visitors on the Open Factory website. The guided tours take place every Friday at 10 a.m. and last about 90 minutes.

SA 8000: International Labour and Social Standards
In July 2011 Mountech Co. Ltd. received the SA8000 certificate. This internationally recognized SA8000 norm standard is based on the human rights conventions of the United Nations and the labour norms of the ILO (International Labour Organisation) which demand strict observance of regulations in respect of human rights and the social and fair treatment of employees at their place of work.