Project Description

SA 8000 Certificate for the TATONKA plant Mountech about to be renewed

In the Tatonka plant Mountech Co. Ltd. located in Vietnam the SA8000 compliance is currently due to be revised after three years. The process is about to be concluded.
In June 2011 the SA8000 Certificate was awarded for the first time. During 2011 and 2013, TÜV Rheinland sent local Vietnamese employees every six months to check the compliance of the comprehensive regulations. After three years a further revision had to be applied for in time to be awarded with the certificate for another three years. The new revision process currently takes place in the Mountech plant and is about to be concluded.
In 1987, the social standard SA 8000 was founded by the non-profit organisation SAI (Social Accountability International, based in New York). It allows companies with its own manufacturing to prove social responsibilities and it also demands the currently most comprehensive and most extensive standards. These are based on national laws, the human rights conventions of the United Nations and labour standards of the ILO (International Labour Organisation). The standard includes but is not limited to the ban of child labour and forced labour, the ban of discrimination based on race, gender or religion, the right to freedom of association, the right to organise in trade unions, the right to collective wage negotiations, the determination of maximum working hours, the assurance of living wages.

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