Project Description

The first guests visit the Open Factory

The Bavarian outdoor brand TATONKA welcomes the first visitors to its production plant Mountech in Vietnam. Since the beginning of March 2011 the factory gates of the company works in Ho Chi Minh City have been opened. Once a week interested visitors are shown around the production plant.

The project Open Factory was initiated by TATONKA in order to give consumers the opportunity to convince themselves of the long-term social involvement of the family company in Vietnam. A tag on every TATONKA product gives information of this offer which is to date unique in this branch.

The project was already well-received from the beginning, not only in Germany. In February 2011, still before the official start, two Australians who stood unannounced in front of the factory gates were given an exclusive tour by the owner Andreas Schechinger. “During our vacation in Vietnam we just decided to stop by to see how the rucksacks were produced that we are so enthusiastic about. It was fascinating with just how much care the products are manufactured and how high the social standards were maintained”, according to John and Ann, the first visitors to Mountech.

TATONKA has certification for the production works Mountech according to the worldwide recognized social standard SA 8000. This standard gives companies with their own production facilities the possibility to verify long-term social responsibility through inspection by an independent examination authority. Observance of this social standard is controlled every six months.