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Unique in the outdoor industry

As one of only a very few companies in the outdoor industry, the German family company TATONKA supports and runs its own production facilities, Mountech Co. Ltd. in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.



Mr. and Mrs. Leykum and Mr. Kien with Mrs. Hang

Both couples visit Open Factory on 19th August 2016.
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Elisa Martin

Elisa Martin visits Open Factory on 22th July 2016.
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Thomas Oppermann visits Mountech

Chairman of the SPD Bundestag Thomas Oppermann visits Mountech with a german delegation on 2nd March 2016.
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Kardinal Marx visits Open Factory by Tatonka in Vietnam

On Friday, January 15th, 2016 Reinhard Cardinal Marx, archbishop of Munich and Freising and chairman of the German Episcopal Conference visited Tatonka’s Open Factory together with a delegation of ten.
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SA 8000 Certificate for the TATONKA plant Mountech about to be renewed

In the Tatonka plant Mountech Co. Ltd. located in Vietnam the SA8000 compliance is currently due to be revised after three years.
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Tatonka faces its product responsibility

Together with other well-known outdoor gear companies in Germany Tatonka faces its product responsibility to a particularly high degree.
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TATONKA provides proof of its high awareness of responsibility

Once again in 2012 the Christian Initiative Romero put well-known outdoor gear companies to the test.
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MADE-BY confirmed high social standards at TATONKA

The European Not-for-Profit Organisation MADE-BY confirmed that TATONKA achieved 100% of the required social standards
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Japanese journalists visit the Open Factory

In April 2012 a group of Japanese journalists visited the TATONKA production plant Mountech Co. Ltd. in Ho Chi Minh City.
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Social responsibility is important

TATONKA takes over social responsibility for its employees and is rewarded.
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Trust and Responsibility in Vietnam

In the production plant Mountech Co. Ltd in Vietnam TATONKA allows you a look behind the scenes
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The first guests visit the Open Factory

The Bavarian outdoor brand TATONKA welcomes the first visitors to its production plant Mountech in Vietnam.
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